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The "Why" Behind Hope For Balance


Hello, Hope here! I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from Samford University and the creator of Hope For Balance. I'm so happy that you've found my page! Hope For Balance is where my passions for people, creativity, and balanced nutrition come together. Read along for the "why" behind Hope For Balance, and be check out my blog for nutritious, approachable recipes and tips to nourish your body with confidence and freedom. 

The Backstory

My interest in food and trying new things started at an early age thanks to my mom. My mother is an amazing cook with a love for foods from other cultures, which she passed down to me. At age ten, her African Groundnut Stew was one of my favorite foods. The annual Greek Festival in downtown Birmingham, AL was an event I looked forward to and attended every year from middle school through my senior year of college (thanks for introducing me to Greek food, mom!). “Girl time” consisted of hours of late night baking with Pride and Prejudice playing in the background. It’s safe to say, food has always been a big part of my life. 

Why Nutrition?

Nutrition and health, however, first peaked my interest during my senior year of high school. To be honest, those interests were initially fueled by a desire to be thin. From senior year of high school through the better part of my college career at Samford University, I was hyper-aware and hyper-focused on what I was eating. Calorie-counting? Did it obsessively. Exercising solely for the sake of burning calories or as a punishment for overeating? Did that too. Saying “no” to fun foods on vacation or dessert on holidays for the sake of “health?” Guilty as charged. 

With my "all or nothing approach" to food, I continually set myself up to fail.

But no more! It took a while, but bit by bit the Lord graciously allowed me to see the extent of my obsession. He used other women who were struggling as well as His word to open my eyes and lead me to nourish my body, rather than punish it - to pursue a balanced diet as well as a balanced life. And that’s where Hope For Balance comes in!

Balance > Perfection

For the past couple of years, I have embraced an “all foods fit” approach rather than an “all or nothing” approach. You won't find me passing on my favorite foods at social gatherings or checking the calories in my coffee order. Rather, you'll find me nourishing my body with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy and allowing myself fun foods when I really want them! And this is what I want for YOU too.

As a nutrition expert, creative cook, and imperfect human who has fallen prey to diet culture in the past, my desire for Hope For Balance is to inspire and encourage YOU to ditch dieting for good and embrace all foods — to empower you to create in the kitchen and confidently make healthy decisions around food with freedom.




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