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15+ Crowd Pleasing Game Day Recipes

When it comes to game day, only 15% of me shows up to watch the game... the other 85% of me shows up for the game day snacks! If you're like me and you're in need of some delicious recipes for Superbowl Sunday (or even game night!) check out these 15+ Crowd Pleasing Game Day Recipes. I've included several gluten free options and/or dairy free options including my Creamy Turmeric Hummus, Gluten Free Kitchen Sink Blondies, and White Chicken Chili with Salsa Verde for those with dietary restrictions.

Whether you're a dip person, a chicken person, or a sweet snack lover you're bound to find some recipes in this list that you and your party guests will love. More likely then not, you'll have trouble narrowing down the list of things to try. Happy snacking, friends!

Savory Snacks

1. Honey Mustard Chicken Tenders (gluten free option)

Tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, these Honey Mustard Baked Chicken Tenders are the perfect game day snack. With a simple seasoned oat and pretzel breading, these oven baked chicken tenders are egg free and can easily be made gluten free to fit several dietary restrictions. Whether it's Super Bowl Sunday or game night with your best pals, you can't go wrong with these tasty tenders.

2. White Chicken Chili (gluten free, dairy free)

There's just nothing more comforting than a big bowl of hearty soup in the winter, and this gluten free and dairy free White Chicken Chili with Salsa Verde always hits the spot! Pair it with my Garden Goat Cornbread Muffins (recipe below) for the perfect half time meal.

Who doesn't love cornbread? These corn muffins made with bell peppers and goat cheese are NEXT level! Serve them up with White Chicken Chili with Salsa Verde (recipe above) or your favorite chili for a tasty game day meal.

These Greek inspired meatballs aren't your typical run of the mill meatballs. They are so so tender and flavorful, and the addition of tangy feta cheese and fresh herbs gives these savory beef meatballs a Mediterranean flare. They're a great bite-sized game day snack.

This unique cauliflower recipe is based on an appetizer from the restaurant True Food. It's basically roasted cauliflower dressed up with a maple tahini sauce, chopped dates, and fresh dill. DO NOT knock it until you try it. The variety of flavors and textures in this allergen-friendly recipe just works!

Game day is all about the one handed snacks, am I right? These Thai inspired Chicken and veggie skewers with the best peanut dipping sauce literally come on sticks, so you can always have a free hand. Superbowl Sunday satay skewers, anyone?!

Speaking of one handed snacks... These egg cups made with cheese, bacon, roasted tomatoes, and a crispy flour tortilla base are a nod to the ever delicious breakfast burrito, but they're way easier to eat. They're the perfect one handed savory game day snack.

Delicious Dips

8. Creamy Turmeric Hummus (gluten free, vegan)

Every great party needs a good dip. Without dip the party just falls apart, and you’re left with a room full of sad, hungry people. This hummus dip is the creamiest and most delicious homemade hummus recipe I've ever had! It's a pretty basic recipe made from chickpeas, tahini, fresh garlic, olive oil, and variety of spices. Turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory components, gives this hummus its bright yellow hue. Skip store bought hummus and try this recipe!

9. Curried Chicken Salad (gluten free)

Chicken salad is totally a dip in my opinion, and even if you disagree you'll have to agree that this Curried Chicken Salad recipe is BOMB! With chunky pieces of chicken, crunchy cashews, a touch of sweetness from juicy grapes and honey, and a flavor kick from curry powder, turmeric, and ginger, you'll never need another chicken salad recipe.

10. Honey Ricotta Dip (gluten free)

With a base of ricotta cheese, cream cheese, plain Greek yogurt, and honey this sweet and salty, decadent dessert dip is uber creamy and delicious. It's simple to make, but feels kinda fancy. Serve it up with pretzels, sliced pears, and/or sliced sourdough bread!

Guacamole is a classic party dip, but I dare you to try something a little different with avocados this game day. My 5-Minute Herby Avocado Yogurt Dip is uber creamy and flavorful. It's packed with nourishing ingredients like Greek yogurt, fresh herbs, avocado, and lime juice and comes together in - you guessed it - 5 minutes. Give it a try!

12. Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (gluten free, vegan option)

This Mediterranean Chickpea Salad is *technically* a lettuce-less salad, but it's close enough to a dip! With fresh dill, juicy summer tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and onions, hearty chickpeas, savory feta, and a simple balsamic vinaigrette, this healthy chickpea salad is a great party dish for your health conscious friends. Serve it up with pita chip!

Sweet Bites

13. Dairy Free Peanut Butter Oreo Truffles (gluten free option, vegan)

These dairy free truffles made with Oreo cookies, coconut cream, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and a touch of salt are hands down one of the most delicious no-bake desserts to ever grace the food world. They can easily be made gluten free by subbing in gluten free Oreos for their gluten-filled counterparts. You're guests will gobble these up in a heart beat!

14. Gluten Free Kitchen Sink Blondies (gluten free, dairy free option)

Blondies are the perfect mix between cookies and brownies, making them one of THE absolute best desserts in my opinion. These almond flour based Gluten Free Kitchen Sink Blondies are filled with peanut butter, two kinds of chocolate, butterscotch chips, shredded coconut, nuts and chewy oats. They're a must for sweet lovers on game day!

15. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Energy Bites (gluten free, dairy free)

These Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Energy Bites are a great bite-sized healthy snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth without weighing you down. They are super peanut buttery, require minimal ingredients, and come together in juts 20 minutes!

16. Magic Trailblazer Bars (gluten free option, dairy free option)

Have you every tried Hello Dolly Bars or 7-Layer Magic Bars? Well, my Magic Trailblazer Bars are kinda like that, but they're made with more nutrient dense ingredients and just as tasty! With a perfectly salted pretzel shortbread crust, a sweet chocolatey, oat-filled, nutty topping, and creamy peanut butter center, these bars are such a crowd pleaser.


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